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See why I describe myself as a multidisciplinary artist: I draw from the multiple disciplines of painting, photography, installation, sculpture and printing to redefine my work which projects outside of normal boundaries to inspire new understandings of  my creativity. 

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Now Magazine chooses


Now Magazine again chose my work to include in its ‘Gallery Crawl’ for the week beginning Feb. 12, 2016.  Nice to be recognized by this with-it pub. See the magazine HERE.

Open Studio: Opening Soon


wolf image

George Gilmour Gallery, Open Studio

Opening Reception: Friday, February 12, 2016, 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Sandi Ralph’s Shadow Flight takes its inspiration from creatures in the natural world—butterflies, birds, wolves. Ralph’s print-based wall sculptures are intricately hand-cut from Japanese paper and formed into three dimensions with the use of silver pins and beads, punctuated with Swarovski Crystals. The works subscribe to a recurring theme in her work, Construction and Deconstruction. Her original source in each case is deconstructed, stripped to its essential elements and reconstructed with a minimalistic intent, creating and emphasizing the shadow presence.
Sandi Ralph is a multidisciplinary artist. Since graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design, she has built her career in art by drawing from the multiple disciplines of painting, photography, installation, sculpture and printing. Her works project outside of traditional boundaries to encourage new understandings of her creativity. The majority of Sandi’s work is derived from her own photographs and sourced illustrations of animal life. Most of her artistic pieces combine original photographs with screen-printing and other art forms and media; they follow, in the main, a basic theme of reduction and renewal.

Open Studio: Art Toronto

My work, Flight #1, a wall sculpture, was a signature piece at the Open Studio at Art Toronto in November, 2015. Another of my works was the first piece sold by Open Studio at this prestigious show, on Opening Night no less.



Where has originality gone?

remix 1
I just heard the lineup of summer movies being reviewed on television news and I’m coming to the conclusion that we, as a society, have run out of original ideas. All the movies coming out during this season are remakes of the Golden Oldies. Another Jurassic Park has already been unearthed and we are in for new versions of The Goonies, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and so on. Continue reading

Art for hoardings demeans us

H&GLet’s see now: you work for somewhere between 20 and 100 hours to produce a digital painting on the Mac that cost you a bundle; you wait, suffering from anxiety attacks, while your work is judged and – if you are among the eight winners, you get a $500 gift card for some so-so garb at H&M. And your work is displayed on construction site hoarding. How cool is that! Continue reading

Our right to copy


You might have read about lawyers for singer Katy Perry threatening a person who created a 3D version of “the Left Shark”. Without going into the details or the to-and-fro arguments about this specific case, it does bring up the whole issue of protection of our artwork from ‘infringement’. Sadly, in my opinion, many artists haven’t got the slightest understanding of copyright. Continue reading

We’re back!


tory, fords

While I don’t expect new Mayor John Tory to set aside Smart Track, the keystone of his yet-to-be-accepted transit plan for Toronto, in favour of a full-out promotion of art across Canada’s biggest city, I do have higher hopes for small favours than I did a few weeks ago. Continue reading